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Tomorrow is December- sounds like a song in a way- so far not much input from anyone regarding the Graffitti Park project- it’s like pulling teeth. Am I crazy or is a good idea not something I have any recognition for? Or are people like lemmings? Do they need to be led to water if in the desert they be? I don’t know. My Line has always been a difficult one. I could be holding the golden ticket in hand and people will question my intentions even as their world crumbles around them.

No matter- onward we trudge. I’ve added a few pics of recent drawings to the slideshow in Artwork.

Dutifully absorbing the Pop Sculpture book recommended by master sculptor Ray Villafane. It really is a good book! I’ll be sculpting my little hip hop characters soon enough- a highly marketable concept if I do say so myself. Hopefully something that will jump off, and not have to be overlooked like other ideas I hear nothing back on from potential partners, investors or simply supporters.

More later…



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