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done. copyrighted. still working on the 3D model (graffitti park)- getting hung up on small details, like vending machines in what would be the employee lounge… really? do I need such detail? reality is, I don’t know. I imagine the virtual tour as a literal walk through, so what good would a walk through empty rooms be? point.

(It’s not that I don’t know how to write- it’s that sometimes from a design aspect I happen to think the omission of the capital letter to begin sentences looks good. )

Or maybe it’s the madness that comes from a virtual 3D world on a screen 5 hours a day.

eployee lounge mock up- for the purposes of 3d modeling the floor is translucent on the second level



Up to…

I’m back in Graffitti Park’s 3-D model for the last few days. I’ve been going home and working on the “first” paintings as well. I updated the slideshow to show some of the drawings I’ve worked on before this and I’ve been networking on behalf of GP as well. Preparing an e mail list for an endorsement solicitation soon. Next will be the Kickstarter page to raise funds for a real run at potential investors, partners or sponsors.

Here are a few shots of the new 3-D spaces…


Classroom area

The Graff Shop

The Graff Shop

The Lobby

The Lobby


Tomorrow is December- sounds like a song in a way- so far not much input from anyone regarding the Graffitti Park project- it’s like pulling teeth. Am I crazy or is a good idea not something I have any recognition for? Or are people like lemmings? Do they need to be led to water if in the desert they be? I don’t know. My Line has always been a difficult one. I could be holding the golden ticket in hand and people will question my intentions even as their world crumbles around them.

No matter- onward we trudge. I’ve added a few pics of recent drawings to the slideshow in Artwork.

Dutifully absorbing the Pop Sculpture book recommended by master sculptor Ray Villafane. It really is a good book! I’ll be sculpting my little hip hop characters soon enough- a highly marketable concept if I do say so myself. Hopefully something that will jump off, and not have to be overlooked like other ideas I hear nothing back on from potential partners, investors or simply supporters.

More later…


“Sculpting and casting is the new graffiti.” ~Huck Gee, Designer Toy Artist, Icon

Very very cool article on a very very cool guy.

The natural progression I have made in redeveloping my creative brain, dropping back into Graffiti and my interest evolving into Designer Toys and Sculpting for the production of such- all validated in that one quote.

Read it.

First Post

After setting up this website I’ll be going back to the Graffitti Park Project. If you are not aware of it, please read the proposal to familiarize yourself as it is an exciting endeavor that you are going to want to be involved in.